Friday, November 18, 2016

Literacy blogpost 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog I will be blogging about literacy
Here's my writing:

There once lived a factory called the storks.They deliver babies. Humans send letters to the storks so they can care for it and love it.the storks put the letters in a big jar that goes through a machine and then out comes the baby. But now they don’t do that any more because it was getting to hard for them. They started giving out packages for the humans. Humans send letters to the storks what they need. After awhile they started deriving babies again. There is a boy called Nate he wrote a letter to the storks for a baby boy  he had really busy parents. He started making a set play thing so they can bring the baby in play set. 

So it could be happy when it comes. After a while the police came with a piece of paper saying to knock down the play set and that the storks have stopped the baby delivery. So then after the storks came with the baby he go a baby girl when he was suppose to get a boy instead . 
  It was so cute. she was so happy to see her family 
And she cried when she saw her family she laughed.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maths blogpost 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. I will be blogging about my maths and what I do. I hope you enjoy.

I have been using my hundreds board to help me.

My favourite subject is: Maths
We add a to 10
We have been adding up to 10 and making numbers to ten and solving out the answer and working them out.
My maths book always helps me with my maths. Stage four have been using our maths book 
to help us count backwards and forward. It's really fun doing maths in our 
Maths books 
 This is my booklet for maths. We answer the
questions and we sometimes get it wrong or right
         Complete these number sentences.
              Complete the questions 

I hope you enjoyed my maths blogpost. 

From Nikita