Sunday, October 2, 2016

2nd holiday story 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog i will be blogging about my holiday i hope you enjoy my holiday story 2016.

on Saturday my nan picked me up to have a sleepover my cousin  called Jolie Mclean my best cousin ever she is 10 years old she loves hockey,running,and she loves her family alot she has a little brother called Jesse McLean he is 2 years old. he likes minions,Thomas the train,playing with cars, me and jolie like was on her last glass and i was done.

 the punishment was to strips of yellow nail polish on the face sorry Jolie maybe next time it was a really fun night   to do fun stuff together like hide and go seek alot. me and jolie did a water challenge we did it on Saturday and it was you can  drink 2 glass's each and who can drink it all first and i came first and jolie it was a fun day i love the special part about it that we got frozen cokes for Deseret yummy.

me and jolie did a video about bullying and we have got heaps of comments like you are so amazing awesome video and stuff.


  1. Well done Nikita looks like you had a good holiday with jolie
    Kai pai :)

  2. why did you share that

  3. i like your slide nikita. i dont know how you do it on blog?