Friday, July 8, 2016

2nd learning post 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. I will be blogging about my favorite learning which is reading  I hope you enjoy my 2nd learning blog post. You can also read to your Teacher and the Teacher will give you another book to read.

 Then you read it to your parents and then the next day you can read it to your teacher again. Then she gives you another book to read and you keep on doing this until your Teacher says that you can go into a different reading group maybe. I love reading because it is the best learning task.

   Reading is important because when you get older and if you want to learn how to drive you need to read a book and  that teaches you how to drive. Then you read it and you know how you used to read when you were little you can read better when you are older.

 Sometimes you are in a test like when you were little and you didn't use to know the words and read the test well when you are older you can know it and read it all together and then you can finish off your test. Then you can win the test for the best reader maybe maybe not.

When you are little your brain works so you can read more and when you are older yo will know reading like when you read the news paper you can know the words off by heart.

 You can know the word or word's by sounding them out and then you might know the word and then if you still don't know the word still keep on trying harder and harder and then you know the word and make sure that it is the right word or you could keep reading on and then you might know the word.                                                                Nikita.