Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holiday blog post 2016

                Hi guys and welcome back to my blog I will be blogging about my holidays I hope you enjoy                        

On the first day on the holiday I went to my Nan's for a little party and then my Nan's dog died so we didn't have the party. we were so sad until we got over it we had a bit of a laugh when my aunt told funny things about sponge was a brown dog with nice soft straight fur and she was a lovely dog to have as a pet.

 the next day we went the park for the lunch and then we went to my N to see if she was aright she said I am alright I am just so sad that she died. so we went home for a little sleep and then we kind of got over it and then we did a run to the shop to get some milk and bread from the shop, then my mum got me an ice block because I was checking on Nan to see if she was alright when sponge died.

My mum said well done for looking after your Nan. So we had dinner with Nan we had rice and chicken and curry sauce sponge use to like Nan's cooking  of the chicken that she makes.  and then we went to bed I stayed a Nan's so she can have a bit of company so she don 't get bored being alone. When I woke up there was breakfast on the bed. It was 3 slices of pancakes and a orange drink.

I checked on Nan she was doing the dishes she was rising the plates of breakfast so I ate my breakfast. I ask Nan are you alright and she said hell yeah man I feeling good. Okay I said so I got ready for church and she did not get ready for church she would rather stay home all day and also my nan was sick so we taked care of her for  a couple of hours and then we went home for tea.                  

                                                                  Meroies of sponge
                                                                   he used to put her 
                                                                   paw on me when i 
                                                                   sleep because my nan
                                                                    tells me. he used to eat
                                                                     cat food and it was so
                                                                      funny and he ran off

Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd blog post

This is my iproud  and I am proud of it because I made a good effort in to it   

Dear Rebecca

Thank you so much for taking time off work to help us out at camp Omatua.
My favourite dinner was burgers.Thank you for caring for me and helping me. I really appreciate that. Thank you for cooking my dinner and everything else that you have done for me.  When I felt sick in the car and was sitting next to the window, you would wind down the window, so I didn't get sick.

At Omatua on the first night we had burgers for dinner and it was so nice. When we had to make our beds we had to sleep on the floor with a mat, blanket and a pillow and it was uncomfortable and it did not feel like I was sleeping on my bed. My bed felt like a smooth queen bed.
At Weka my favourite dessert was chocolate orange chip because I love chocolate orange chip muffin and I like the ice cream. When I was at Weka I had a terrible night because  people kept on saying Sage go to sleep and it was so annoying because Sage was biting her toothpaste. The most important part was that she was sleeping next to me.   
From Nikita