Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My first blog post 2016

this is me
Hi my name Is Nikita this is my first time in Rimu hub. When I frist walked in i had butterflys in me but when we frist stared learning all of my butterflys flyed out of me . Its fun being in Rimu hub I hope it stays like that. I am In 21b, my teachers name is Mrs Carr she  is a good teacher for me I wish I could stay Next year too,and have her again. My favorite learning task is Symbaloo because I like Maths on it and I always play on the maths game. My favorite thing is Swimming and my favorite thing about Swimming is a free swim. My favorite sport is T-Ball my favorite thing about T-ball is getting home runs for my team to win. My favourtie teacher in the school is Mrs Miller because she always smiles at me.
this is my BFF ella