Friday, November 18, 2016

Literacy blogpost 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog I will be blogging about literacy
Here's my writing:

There once lived a factory called the storks.They deliver babies. Humans send letters to the storks so they can care for it and love it.the storks put the letters in a big jar that goes through a machine and then out comes the baby. But now they don’t do that any more because it was getting to hard for them. They started giving out packages for the humans. Humans send letters to the storks what they need. After awhile they started deriving babies again. There is a boy called Nate he wrote a letter to the storks for a baby boy  he had really busy parents. He started making a set play thing so they can bring the baby in play set. 

So it could be happy when it comes. After a while the police came with a piece of paper saying to knock down the play set and that the storks have stopped the baby delivery. So then after the storks came with the baby he go a baby girl when he was suppose to get a boy instead . 
  It was so cute. she was so happy to see her family 
And she cried when she saw her family she laughed.     

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Maths blogpost 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. I will be blogging about my maths and what I do. I hope you enjoy.

I have been using my hundreds board to help me.

My favourite subject is: Maths
We add a to 10
We have been adding up to 10 and making numbers to ten and solving out the answer and working them out.
My maths book always helps me with my maths. Stage four have been using our maths book 
to help us count backwards and forward. It's really fun doing maths in our 
Maths books 
 This is my booklet for maths. We answer the
questions and we sometimes get it wrong or right
         Complete these number sentences.
              Complete the questions 

I hope you enjoyed my maths blogpost. 

From Nikita

Sunday, October 2, 2016

2nd holiday story 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog i will be blogging about my holiday i hope you enjoy my holiday story 2016.

on Saturday my nan picked me up to have a sleepover my cousin  called Jolie Mclean my best cousin ever she is 10 years old she loves hockey,running,and she loves her family alot she has a little brother called Jesse McLean he is 2 years old. he likes minions,Thomas the train,playing with cars, me and jolie like was on her last glass and i was done.

 the punishment was to strips of yellow nail polish on the face sorry Jolie maybe next time it was a really fun night   to do fun stuff together like hide and go seek alot. me and jolie did a water challenge we did it on Saturday and it was you can  drink 2 glass's each and who can drink it all first and i came first and jolie it was a fun day i love the special part about it that we got frozen cokes for Deseret yummy.

me and jolie did a video about bullying and we have got heaps of comments like you are so amazing awesome video and stuff.

Friday, July 8, 2016

2nd learning post 2016

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog. I will be blogging about my favorite learning which is reading  I hope you enjoy my 2nd learning blog post. You can also read to your Teacher and the Teacher will give you another book to read.

 Then you read it to your parents and then the next day you can read it to your teacher again. Then she gives you another book to read and you keep on doing this until your Teacher says that you can go into a different reading group maybe. I love reading because it is the best learning task.

   Reading is important because when you get older and if you want to learn how to drive you need to read a book and  that teaches you how to drive. Then you read it and you know how you used to read when you were little you can read better when you are older.

 Sometimes you are in a test like when you were little and you didn't use to know the words and read the test well when you are older you can know it and read it all together and then you can finish off your test. Then you can win the test for the best reader maybe maybe not.

When you are little your brain works so you can read more and when you are older yo will know reading like when you read the news paper you can know the words off by heart.

 You can know the word or word's by sounding them out and then you might know the word and then if you still don't know the word still keep on trying harder and harder and then you know the word and make sure that it is the right word or you could keep reading on and then you might know the word.                                                                Nikita. 


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Holiday blog post 2016

                Hi guys and welcome back to my blog I will be blogging about my holidays I hope you enjoy                        

On the first day on the holiday I went to my Nan's for a little party and then my Nan's dog died so we didn't have the party. we were so sad until we got over it we had a bit of a laugh when my aunt told funny things about sponge was a brown dog with nice soft straight fur and she was a lovely dog to have as a pet.

 the next day we went the park for the lunch and then we went to my N to see if she was aright she said I am alright I am just so sad that she died. so we went home for a little sleep and then we kind of got over it and then we did a run to the shop to get some milk and bread from the shop, then my mum got me an ice block because I was checking on Nan to see if she was alright when sponge died.

My mum said well done for looking after your Nan. So we had dinner with Nan we had rice and chicken and curry sauce sponge use to like Nan's cooking  of the chicken that she makes.  and then we went to bed I stayed a Nan's so she can have a bit of company so she don 't get bored being alone. When I woke up there was breakfast on the bed. It was 3 slices of pancakes and a orange drink.

I checked on Nan she was doing the dishes she was rising the plates of breakfast so I ate my breakfast. I ask Nan are you alright and she said hell yeah man I feeling good. Okay I said so I got ready for church and she did not get ready for church she would rather stay home all day and also my nan was sick so we taked care of her for  a couple of hours and then we went home for tea.                  

                                                                  Meroies of sponge
                                                                   he used to put her 
                                                                   paw on me when i 
                                                                   sleep because my nan
                                                                    tells me. he used to eat
                                                                     cat food and it was so
                                                                      funny and he ran off

Monday, May 2, 2016

2nd blog post

This is my iproud  and I am proud of it because I made a good effort in to it   

Dear Rebecca

Thank you so much for taking time off work to help us out at camp Omatua.
My favourite dinner was burgers.Thank you for caring for me and helping me. I really appreciate that. Thank you for cooking my dinner and everything else that you have done for me.  When I felt sick in the car and was sitting next to the window, you would wind down the window, so I didn't get sick.

At Omatua on the first night we had burgers for dinner and it was so nice. When we had to make our beds we had to sleep on the floor with a mat, blanket and a pillow and it was uncomfortable and it did not feel like I was sleeping on my bed. My bed felt like a smooth queen bed.
At Weka my favourite dessert was chocolate orange chip because I love chocolate orange chip muffin and I like the ice cream. When I was at Weka I had a terrible night because  people kept on saying Sage go to sleep and it was so annoying because Sage was biting her toothpaste. The most important part was that she was sleeping next to me.   
From Nikita

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


My favorite learning task is when we learnt  hockey. Reagan is a hockey player he teachers kids to play Hockey  Reagan is a good sporty person and helps kids with hockey skills so they can get better at playing hockey.  My favourtie thing about hockey that I learnt was dribbling and we played heaps of games like seaweed and other games.

My favourtie  part about hokey was Reagan because hes never bosses people around he just helps people with Hockey so they can get  better a it. Reagan is a good person do get better a hockey with Reagan 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My first blog post 2016

this is me
Hi my name Is Nikita this is my first time in Rimu hub. When I frist walked in i had butterflys in me but when we frist stared learning all of my butterflys flyed out of me . Its fun being in Rimu hub I hope it stays like that. I am In 21b, my teachers name is Mrs Carr she  is a good teacher for me I wish I could stay Next year too,and have her again. My favorite learning task is Symbaloo because I like Maths on it and I always play on the maths game. My favorite thing is Swimming and my favorite thing about Swimming is a free swim. My favorite sport is T-Ball my favorite thing about T-ball is getting home runs for my team to win. My favourtie teacher in the school is Mrs Miller because she always smiles at me.
this is my BFF ella