Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Grandad Story

My grandad

born:9th April 1946

In 1970  he moved from Holland to New Zealand. In 1989 grandad Nan & mum  moved to Australia to start over a new life. Grandad was working building boats & welding for a living and spent 3 Years & came back to New Zealand for a Holiday.
There were Windmills in Holland to pump water out to the sea. When he was a kid he walked to school with no horses. He walked everyday to school or he went in a car. He used to work at a central main course where he sorts out people’s problem.

Grandad comes back to visit. Mum & I every two  years we  have a lot of fun & go lots of places to see & do like the museum, zoo and flash Restaurants with lots of nice yummy food. When he comes home it's a fun time spending heaps & Heaps of time with him. Sometimes when we hangout together we do fishing at the pond.

Me and my Nan we set up a birthday party for his birthday When he comes Home. When it my birthday I Never get a toys or anything i get $40 or $50 i mainly get Money. sometimes i save and i go and spend it on special things that are Nice to have.  And every night on my birthday i always go out for dinner and i  always choose the Restaurant And i choose Breakers because it's my favorite restaurant.


  1. Woll Nikita he was born early in the 90s

  2. Nikita he is older then my papa

  3. well my uncle is 78 years old so yeah