Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Grandad Story

My grandad

born:9th April 1946

In 1970  he moved from Holland to New Zealand. In 1989 grandad Nan & mum  moved to Australia to start over a new life. Grandad was working building boats & welding for a living and spent 3 Years & came back to New Zealand for a Holiday.
There were Windmills in Holland to pump water out to the sea. When he was a kid he walked to school with no horses. He walked everyday to school or he went in a car. He used to work at a central main course where he sorts out people’s problem.

Grandad comes back to visit. Mum & I every two  years we  have a lot of fun & go lots of places to see & do like the museum, zoo and flash Restaurants with lots of nice yummy food. When he comes home it's a fun time spending heaps & Heaps of time with him. Sometimes when we hangout together we do fishing at the pond.

Me and my Nan we set up a birthday party for his birthday When he comes Home. When it my birthday I Never get a toys or anything i get $40 or $50 i mainly get Money. sometimes i save and i go and spend it on special things that are Nice to have.  And every night on my birthday i always go out for dinner and i  always choose the Restaurant And i choose Breakers because it's my favorite restaurant.